Marching Band

Fall 2017 Marching Band Leadership Application Requirements


2016-2017 Permission Slip
Show N Shine/Super Saturday Schedule
Oakmont Field Festival- Oct 8th
Del Oro Band Spectacular- Oct 15th Updated 10/2
California Dare to be Great 2016- November 5th
EDUHSD District Marching Band Showcase
NCBA Championships Lincoln HS Stockton- November 19th UPDATED 11/16!
Marching Banquet- December 1st
Christmas Parade- December 4th

Useful Links

Rehearsal Plans
Marching Band Rehearsal Plan 10/3-10/08

Field Show MP3s




Air (Full Ensemble Midi)
Earth (Full Ensemble Midi)
Water (Full Ensemble Midi)
Fire (Full Ensemble Midi)


Drill Charts
Air 3.1 Mini Charts
Air 3.1 Full Charts
Earth 3.1 Mini Charts
Earth 3.1 Full Charts
Water 4.0 Mini Charts
Water 4.0 Full Charts
Fire 4.0 Mini Charts
Fire 4.0 Full Charts

Drill Coordinates
Air 3.1 Coordinates
Earth 3.1 Coordinates
Water 4.0 Coordinates
Fire 4.0 Coordinates

Drill Animations

Air 3.0

Earth 3.1

Water 4.0

Fire 1.0