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Marching Band Uniform Fund Donations

The band boosters project $40,000-45,000 in the marching band uniform fund by the end of the 2015-16 school year, but we still need to reach $60,000 before we can buy new uniforms. As a uniform fundraiser, we are offering uniform sponsorships. A donation of $300 sponsors a uniform with a personalized tag sewn inside, dedicated to the person of your choice. It is a wonderful way to honor a family, student, graduating senior, alumnus…or perhaps a special band director, drumline instructor, or colorguard instructor. For smaller donations, we also provide sponsorships in the name of a graduating class. For each $300 collected in the name of a class, we will dedicate a personalized uniform to that class. Make a donation to the uniform fund today and help the Ponderosa High School marching band achieve our goal of new uniforms for 2017!!